Baron Aitur ap Gwydion

Lord of Annarbour's Freehold


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie
House: Gwydion

Seelie Legacy: Regent
Unseelie Legacy: Ringleader

Sidhe Name: Aitur ap Gwydion
Mortal Name: Arthur Rumsey


For ten years, Annarbour Barony was tended by Baroness Ellune ni Gwydion. She was a beauty of great renown, Kin to the Silver Fang tribe of Garou (commonly referred to as Prodigals by most Changelings), and had a reputation for being fair, just, and wise.

On her good days.

On her bad days, which came about nearly as frequently as the good, she was a nightmare. Like many Sidhe, Banality affected her strongly. Some Sidhe cope by retreating deep into their Legacies. Some cope by flipping between Seelie and Unseelie. Ellune was one of the latter. Most of the denizens of her barony whispered she’d gone mad, absolutely mad.

One day she went out on a quest into Flint, Michigan, to seek out a mystical sword that would grant her incredible power. Instead, she met up with the Rough Riders, ran them roughshod, and they repaid the favour in cold iron.

Six months passed. Annarbour Barony’s freehold came into the protection of a committee of commoners, the Back Room motley, who defended it and the people in their city.

In the early summer months of 2015, a new Baron rode into town. Kith and kin to the late Baroness Ellune, Baron Aitur ap Gwydion has a reputation of his own. He is in his late fifties, and though he is beautiful as most Sidhe are, he is actually one of the least attractive Sidhe in the Kingdom.

Within a fortnight, he had most of the scattered Knights and Squires of the Sidhe swearing fealty to him. The committee of commoners guarding the freehold were officially disbanded, but publicly thanked for their quick-thinking and devotion, then given measures of dross.

Within a month, he had a good portion of the commoners following in swearing fealty to him.

But there are still many more commoners who have yet to bend knee to him and give an oath of service. Rumours and intrigue follow the man. Some say he takes in orphaned childlings to give them a home. Others say that he is skilled with a blade and bow, and he will mercilessly slay anyone who dares to defy his right to hold the Barony. These same sorts also say that he stood witness to atrocities in the Accordance War… and committed quite a few of them himself.

Nothing is certain about him, publicly-speaking, though answers may be found if one knows where to look and who to ask.

On the mortal side of things…Alan-Rickman-Wallpaper-alan-rickman-6979161-1024-768.jpg

His name is Arthur Rumsey. He was born about ten years before the Resurgence of 1969. As a youth, he was said to be prone to daydreams, troubling behaviour and bouts of schizophrenia.

He’s old enough to have married and had children, but strangely, there is little sign of them now, save for Elizabeth, his youngest, who has recently returned from Europe following the death of her mother Phoebe. Some say he’s a writer, and some say he’s independently wealthy. No one knows for sure.

Baron Aitur ap Gwydion

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