Baroness Deirdre ni Ailil

Lady of Triune Bridge Freehold


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Unseelie
House: Ailil

Seelie Legacy: Dandy
Unseelie Legacy: Outlaw

Sidhe Name: Deirdre ni Ailil
Mortal Name: Daniella Bremer


For the past five years before Aitur’s coming, Baroness Deirdre had been in a power struggle with Baroness Ellune ni Gwydion. Deirdre’s predecessor has held the Triune Bridge Freehold for as long as most can remember, and he would have held it for longer, if the old Baron hadn’t died under unfortunate and somewhat mysterious circumstances. But die he did, and to this day, Deirdre is sure that Ellune was responsible for it, but …

Right now, the Seelie are holding the power, and Deirdre didn’t get through her Fior Righ by being overt and boorish with accusations against those who could squash her.

So she did what she did best when she took the throne. She survived, and what’s more, she saw to it that her tiny Barony survived.

Deirdre controls the middle ground between Annarbour Barony and the wasteland that has become Eerie Strait. Where the Seelie of Gwydion have fostered tradition and honour and all that bullshit, she’s taken her Glamour from the mortals around her and wildly embraced technology and computer-generated art.

Change… is good. It is very, very good.

Since Aitur’s ascendancy there has been an uneasy truce between Gwydion and Ailil. So far, they are playing nice with each other, exchanging pleasantries through tight smiles and wary glances. She doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him. And he certainly shouldn’t trust her.

She has plans. The Seelie have been in control for too damn long, and they’re doing more harm than good.

110dc128c76f53268bed6c380c09402d.jpgOn the mortal side of things…

Daniella Bremer’s a young-ish woman fresh out of school, who gets by on social graces and a string of rich lovers, while producing the occasional piece of artwork that she can con someone into buying for a good chunk of cash when she needs it.

Often, she dresses in goth attire, even for situations where it’s not entirely appropriate. Jeans and tee shirts? Business suits? Ugh. Screw you.

Baroness Deirdre ni Ailil

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