Count Halion ap Eiluned

His Excellency who rules Bur Oak County


A Sidhe of House Eiluned, whose rather mysterious reputations lead to some distrust among other Houses, this man is known for his skill in magic, prophecy, and star-gazing. He rules over three principle baronies: the thriving Annarbour Barony, struggling Wood Grove Barony, and the rural Raisin River Barony.

The county seat, where his freehold is located, is in Chelsea, Michigan. The faeries know it as Clock Tower Village. His freehold, Red Glass Freehold, is found through a concealed rath in the side of the Welfare Building. Although the freehold has been steady in its strength, it has never attained the levels of Glamour that Annarbour has enjoyed. In fact, it’s considerably weaker, almost as weak as the Triune Bridge freehold.

Some changelings in the court find it interesting to note that despite Halion’s bids to transform Annarbour into the county seat, the Queen herself has kept Halion in Clock Tower Village and instead granted Annarbour to the newly-raised Baron Aitur.

Count Halion ap Eiluned

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