Dame Amelie ni Liam

A Knight in Aitur's Court


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
House: Liam

Seelie Legacy: Aspirant
Unseelie Legacy: Cerenaic

Sidhe Name: Amelie ni Liam
Mortal Name: Amelia Thibideaux

Notable Stats:

Impressive Dexterity. Amelie’s time as a dancer in her mortal life makes her fast and graceful on her feet.

Solid Melee, and Archery

A young Knight who hails from a freehold in southern Louisiana, she came to Michigan with a Knight named Gawain ap Fiona.

Together, they’ve been traveling awhile, enjoying each other’s company and sampling fine craft beers and other liquors wherever they go. She’s usually in Gawain’s company, enjoying life. When she’s not she’s engaged in endless tests of her own prowess and attempts to improve, or is teaching and inspiring young dancers to increase the world’s glamour.

She has sworn fealty to Baron Aitur ap Gwydion, and for now, she serves as a Knight of his court, acting to enforce his will.

On the mortal side of things…

AmelieMortal.jpgAmelie Thibideaux was a rich kid with a trust fund. She came into her chrysallis during her wilder years, after she’d already begun teaching ballet lessons to children. Spending a bit too much time in freeholds and on adventures did put an end to her studio aspirations, and her parents cut her off. She scrapes together money now by teaching after-school classes at the YCMA or community classes. Sometimes she offers private tutoring sessions to dancers, and they usually come off so inspired, happy, and skilled that her reputation is growing enough that she might be able to soon start making a living out of it full time.


Dame Amelie ni Liam

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