A nocker doll-maker allied with Lishi


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Nocker
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
House: Unaffiliated

Seelie Legacy: Crafter
Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist


She’s the Dollmaker. Usually, she’s just called Dolly. Not much is known about this nocker girl, other than she hates Tinker Tailor with a passion, and she is very, very good at creating dolls and marionettes of all sorts.

Once upon a time, she was a member of Tinker Tailor’s Traveling Troupe, working as a puppeteer and a mechanic who helped keep the troupe’s steam-powered machines in good, working order. The thing was… It was all against her will. She and her little sister, a Kinain named Tabitha Harcourt, had been swept into the troupe. Dolly did everything she could to protect her sister, passing her off as a boy named Tabi, to evade Tinker’s unwanted attentions.

Lishi rescued her from all that when the boggan revealed the dolls that were used in the binding magic against her to the Baron. Dolly will always be grateful and loyal for that.

Rather than continue on with the troupe — now renamed and in the hands of the strongman troll Erick — Dolly has decided to stay, settle down, get some work, and help her little sister get into a real school.


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