Elizabeth Rumsey

The Baron's daughter


Race: Mortal (Kinain)
Heritage: Sidhe
Age: Wilder

Seelie Legacy: Courtier
Unseelie Legacy: Fop


As Aitur’s youngest daughter, she was mainly raised by her late mother Phoebe. Beth is fully aware of who and what her father is, and what’s more, she’s aware of the legacies she’s inherited from both of her parents. As the child of a Gwydion Sidhe and of Silver Fang Kin, some would say she’s been doubly blessed with royal blood.

She was an occasional visitor in Duchess Colette’s court, where she learned dancing and singing. She was also a frequent visitor at her Kinfolk’s caern, where she learned about Garou culture and etiquette. She has spent the last five years in England, first to study abroad and then to travel the world.

Responsibilities have finally caught up to her. In England, she was being pressured into marriage with a young Silver Fang Philodox, but rather than chain herself to the brash, arrogant Garou, she came back to America just in time for her mother’s funeral. She has decided to stay in Annarbour Barony, to help her father manage his finances and run his mortal life the way her mother once did. It keeps her away from that Garou, anyway. Just how well she’ll manage to fill her mother’s shoes… well, that remains to be seen.

Elizabeth Rumsey

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