A crow pooka under Babette's protection


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Pooka (Crow)
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
House: Unaffiliated

Seelie Legacy: Troubador
Unseelie Legacy: Wretch


As her friends would explain it, she was dropped on her head a lot when she was an egg.

Gilda doesn’t seem to be completely together in the head. She’s prone to Bedlam, and if it weren’t for Babette and Dolly looking out for her, she’d probably have been lost to madness a few years ago.

But she sings beautifully, plays the concertina, and she is a skilled acrobat on the flying trapeze.

Once, she’d been forced into performing for Tinker Tailor’s Traveling Troupe. When Lishi revealed his cruelty and his treachery, she was freed alongside all the other performers. Gilda hasn’t shown much improvement, sanity-wise, since she’s gained her freedom. She had an intense (and very annoying) crush on a certain Prodigal BURD, but seems to be getting over that after some gentle letting-down. For now, she remains with Babette, relying on the eshu for protection.


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