The Baron's court jester


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Pooka (Squirrel)
Seeming: Childling
Court: Seelie
House: None officially, though loosely affiliated with Gwydion

Seelie Legacy: Troubador
Unseelie Legacy: Fool

Fae Name: Acorn (she prefers to call herself Haycorn)
Mortal Name: Peggy Jenkins


Little Haycorn had the misfortune of being born in the Barony of Eerie Strait. Her start in life was an unhappy one, what with her father abandoning the family before she was born and her mother too young to know what to do or how to properly take care of a baby. She was given up for adoption before her first birthday rolled around, and for the next eight years, she bounced from foster home to foster home.

She experienced her Chrysalis early in the year of 2015, an event which was felt by an oathcircle of Sidhe Knights, among them an aging Grump named Aitur ap Gwydion. He, along with his companions, rescued little Haycorn and three other children from a stifling environment under the abusive care of an Autumnal mortal woman.

Ever since then, Haycorn has been Aitur’s ward. When he was granted the title of Baron later in the summer of that same year, she was naturally brought along and given the all-important job of being the court jester. As a squirrel Pooka, she’s thrilled. When she’s not chattering her head off or scrounging around for peanut butter sandwiches, she’s learning gymnastics, acrobatics, and all sorts of other nifty things.

She’s also pretty obsessed with Squirrel Girl from the comic books and loves dressing up like the character.

2013-10-23-AnyaRoseage8asSquirrelGirle1381853546165-thumb.jpgOn the mortal side of things…

Her name is Peggy Jenkins. Officially, she’s listed as a missing child, although the other three children she had been living with have been shuffled around to other foster families.


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