Justin "Steelborne Sentry" Carter

Prodigal burd.


JustinBurd.jpgNope, he is definitely not a changeling. After Chrysallis Corporation was briefly invaded by Black Spiral dancers, Justin Carter felt his living situation was a little too dependent upon what happened when wolves stared at each other or clawed each others faces or whatever they tended to do. And he was curious about why Ann Arbor was withstanding the Wyrm when there was no shifter presence to speak of.

One day he perched on a lighthouse, made friends with a Baron, and found his answers. Now he’s back to watch Detroit, to watch Ann Arbor, to revel in the gossip and to help make sure this little haven stays a haven. And if that means getting caught up in fae affairs—well, you know, there’s a long tradition of that. Plus, they have this whole theory that shifters…are…fae? That’s worth exploring and knowing more about too.


Justin "Steelborne Sentry" Carter

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