Cupcake Poetess


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Boggan
Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie

Seelie Legacy: Bumpkin
Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist

Boggan Name: Lishi
Mortal Name: Alicia “Lishi” Tanner


Lishi emerged as a wildling in her early twenties. She joined a motley that included a young Knight named Ellune ni Gwydion, among others. They went on adventures together, and though she doesn’t look like much of a fighter (does any Boggan?) she had her ways. Those were the good days, the carefree days, the days when everything was right in the world. She and the Knight were lovers, and the dreams flowed freely.

Age and responsibility do come though…even for dreams.

The Knight soon became the Baroness. For a time, Lishi was her most devoted follower, tending to her every need whether that need was to make contact with a Sluagh for a bit of information, a warm fire at night or something else. But the Baroness grew erratic and abusive. The Baroness got caught up in courtly games of love and power and soon scorned Lishi for a Sidhe lover. The Baroness began abusing her subjects in her Unseelie mood swings, too. The Baroness offered Lishi a position that was insulting after all they’d been through together, and seemed baffled when Lishi got angry. After all, Lish was just a commoner. Why didn’t she see being the Chatelaine as a high and lovely honor, something well worth aspiring to for any boggan?

Lishi had never really been too fond of the noble notion that some people are just better than others because: birth anyway, but she’d thought Ellune was, well, different. She’d thought they’d be together forever. She thought a lot of things.

Love and betrayal, values and a strong desire to stand up for others. These are the seeds of a quiet revolution. There were back room meetings. Rumors were spread. Lishi used her insight into the Baroness’ personality to send her on a snipe hunt that she knew damn well would destroy her, all while using the little gifts of money and dross that she’d gotten over the years from their adventures—both in the bed and out of it—to build Lishi’s Shots n’ Sweets, a hangout and haven for changelings and humans where she could practice her craft, nurture Dreamers, and carve out her own destiny.

When the Baroness finally died at the hands of Flint’s Rough Riders Lishi took charge of the committee of commoners that kept the Freehold safe. Secretly, she’d rather hoped the nobles would simply leave them alone and let them do it. She liked her taste of leadership. She liked her taste of freedom. And really, what were the Sidhe good for anyway? Commoners did without them just fine before the sixties. Couldn’t they just leave them alone?

But, inevitably, a new Baron came with enough of an entourage to take control once more. Lishi quietly took her gifts and her thanks, feeling they were something of a slap in the face but practical enough to use them to her advantage anyway. She didn’t cause any more trouble. There were no more back room meetings. She didn’t swear fealty, but neither did she make waves. She retreated to her gingerbread home in the Barony lands and went about her business. After all, this new Baron has committed no crime other than being a Sidhe, and she’s not so without honor that she’d try to harm him for that. She simply doesn’t see any particular benefits to swearing. As far as she’s concerned, swearing benefits the Baron but nets her nothing but a bunch of new obligations she doesn’t care to fulfill. When a Loyalist or even the Baron himself comes into her establishment she treats them like any other patron, caring for them, giving them the benefit of her craft, and giving them a place to relax and feel at home.

But once you become a leader, once you become a figure like that, your actions do have consequences. A large contingent of commoners have also refused to swear, following Lishi’s example. Many are also content to simply be left alone, but who knows what brews in the hearts of others?

On the mortal side of thingsā€¦

LishiHuman.jpg Alicia Tanner went to culinary school when she graduated from high school and worked in several bakeries. She had trouble keeping regular hours but seems to be doing quite well now that she’s an independent business owner. She was certainly known for throwing some great parties! The actor, writer, poet, artist and musical scene in Ann Arbor knows her as a patron who is happy to provide a venue, as well as to help them make connections which might help them succeed.

Weapon of Choice

il_570xN.484854054_dos4.jpg This chimerical weapon looks surprisingly like a six shooter rubber band gun when mortals see it. Silly mortals.



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