Melanie Hodges

Corax Kin engaged to the Burd


Name: Melanie Hodges
Race: Mortal (Corax Kin)


Yes, the Corax have Kin of their own, though the relationship between raven and mortal kin is far different than that between Garou and Kin. For one thing, it’s a lot more egalitarian. Passing on Corax-hood isn’t a matter of genetics and luck; it’s a result of a ritual and choice. So there just isn’t any pressure to find a mate and breed like crazy.

Melanie’s one of the Corax Kin, a distant daughter of raven with a grandfather who is a homid-born Corax himself. She’s known Justin since they were both kids, and she’s loved him for just as long. Through thick and thin, wherever he goes, she’ll stand by his side. Though lately, she’s gotten pretty damn sick of all the crap that’s come hunting him, and since he’s a Corax, she knows it’s only going to get worse.

So she went to Justin’s dad, a man named Kevin Carter, and she started training. The next time the fomori came knocking, she was gonna help do something about them.

Or Shadow Court… or Thallain… or whatever these faerie bastards are called.

Melanie Hodges

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