Warm hearted, hot headed.


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Redcap
Seeming: Wilder

Mishka is a rarity…a Seelie redcap. He fled from the Barony of Eerie Strait shortly after his love for a mortal woman caused him to switch courts. He brought her with him to Annarbour, fearful that she’d be caught in the crossfire.

That woman was Tina, the mortal bartender/cupcake vendor/barista who now works at Lishi’s shop.

He also has the protection of Lishi and her other allies, which is no small thing at all as far as he is concerned. Of course, this also meant getting caught up in Barony politics. He came when the Baroness still reigned, back when Lishi was still trying to placate the woman’s madness. And sadly, a near-friendless outsider with a pack of wolves at his heels is a fine target for abuse. Mishka was all too ready to join the revolution. He wasn’t exactly pleased with the subtle way it was all handled, but…he had to admit it got results.

He’s feeling itchy though. They’ve lost the freehold, some new asshole is in charge—meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and all that. He wants something a little less subtle and a little more nowish, but so far Lishi has been resisting his pressure.

In the mortal world…

MishkaMortal.jpgMishka works as a tattoo artist at Dragon Ink. Nobody asks about his past, nobody digs too deep into his affairs.



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