Sir Gawain ap Fiona

A Knight who has sworn fealty to the Baron


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
House: Fiona

Seelie Legacy: Knight
Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist

Sidhe Name: Gawain ap Fiona
Mortal Name: Gareth Rochester

Notable Stats:

Appearance 5 (7 in his fae mien — yes, mind-bendingly and inhumanly beautiful)

Solid Dexterity, Melee, and excellent Archery


Bartek-Borowiec.jpgA young Knight who hails from a freehold in southern Louisiana, he came to Michigan with a lady Knight named Amelie ni Scathach.

Together, they’ve been traveling awhile, enjoying each other’s company and sampling fine craft beers and other liquors wherever they go. For Gawain, life is a pleasure to be savoured and enjoyed. Life is to be lived well and passionately. He embraces chivalry and lives by its codes, and when he isn’t searching for an adventure or a challenge to overcome, he’s usually in Amelie’s company, indulging in music and liquor.

He has sworn fealty to Baron Aitur ap Gwydion, and for now, he serves as a Knight of his court, acting to enforce his will.

On the mortal side of things…

In his mortal aspect, he’s a young man named Gareth Rochester, straight out of college, who has yet to get a job more lucrative or more permanent than being a waiter at a restaurant.

Sir Gawain ap Fiona

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