Thom Donati

The Baron's chamberlain


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Boggan
Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie
House: Unaffiliated

Seelie Legacy: Comrade
Unseelie Legacy: Humbug


One of those changelings who arrived with Aitur when he ascended to take the throne, Thom has been in the service of House Gwydion for quite a long time. He quickly made himself at home in River Harbour Freehold and was appointed the Baron’s chamberlain. It falls to him to make sure that His Lordship and the esteemed company of Knights have a ready meal, a hot bath, and clean linens whenever they want them.

Although warm and friendly with the well-being and comfort of every one of the freehold’s guests and residents in mind, Thom can be a strict task master and a perfectionist when the situation demands.

On the mortal side of things…

Thom often doesn’t have much time to spend out in the mortal world. His duties in the Dreaming keep him so busy and so tied-down that Aitur has had to sweep him out of the first stages of Bedlam a couple of times during the course of their travels together.

When he does get back into reality, he usually busies himself with charity work, especially at shelters for the homeless. He sometimes finds temporary work as a day laborer to get by, but usually he finds himself acting as Arthur Rumsey’s gardener, chef, or handy man.

Thom Donati

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