Taliesin ap Fiona

Well dressed and deadly.


Race: Changeling (Kithain)
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Seelie
House: Fiona

Seelie Legacy: Courtier
Unseelie Legacy: Knave

Sidhe Name: Taliesin ap Fiona
Mortal Name: Gabriel Cavendish


Gabriel emerged in his late teens, having spent most of his life with a well off family in London learning to navigate a freehold and one as large the Court of Pendragon was overwhelming. He was Sidhe, that much was known, but who he was remained a mystery.

He wasn’t alone, there were a handful of other Changelings that emerged around the same time. He made friends with a beautiful Sidhe woman named Gwen who was in the same position that he was in, she knew what she was just not yet who. However she was ready to climb the political ladder, despite not knowing what house she belong to. They began a courtship while Gabriel trained as a bard, fitting into the role easily and growing in the art of storytelling and song.

He made friends with many commoners, always happy to trade stories with them, or learn their songs. After a time he learned who he was, Taliesin ap Fiona, though he was only a lowly Squire, it turned out that Gwen had a much higher title than he did. She was a Countess by the name of Lunette ap Gwydion. While their courtship continued, Tali began to feel a void growing between himself and Lunette. After some months passed their relationship come to a standstill, and she informed him of her desires. Should he want progress further, he must have a higher rank.

With out question, Tali stopped training as a bard and began learning swordplay. Many found this to be odd due to his skill at the bardic arts, but he gave into it his all. After some questing and showing his worth, he became a knight. It did not take as long as he expected, but he soon realized that becoming a Baron was nearly impossible in Pendragon. As large as it was, there just wasn’t any room to move up with out someone’s place being emptied. So Tali began a quest.

He became a Knight Errant, and began searching for a place to settle and hopefully a place to earn a better title. Perhaps one day he would get his own land an Lunette would join him. Before they parted Lunette gave him an incomplete portrait of her, to remember her by.

That is what has brought him to the Annarbour Barony, not that he intends to take over, but at least secure himself a good position in the court.

Taliesin ap Fiona

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