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  • Baroness Deirdre ni Ailil

    For the past five years before Aitur's coming, Baroness Deirdre had been in a power struggle with Baroness Ellune ni Gwydion. Deirdre's predecessor has held the Triune Bridge Freehold for as long as most can remember, and he would have held it for longer, …

  • Nileas

    A Wilder in Seeming, but he seems to possess knowledge and power that few Wilders do. He's never explained how he's gotten such power, unsurprisingly, and for now, he allows Deirdre to use his expertise in exchange for fulfilling his own needs.

  • Sir Glen ap Leanhaun

    He doesn't often speak, but when he does, he's a man of few words that hold a slow, sweet Southern drawl and bone-deep bitterness. [[File:599029 | class=media-item-align-center | 240x240px | CcgNjwIUUAMbwoS.jpg]]

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