In the game of Changeling, mortals and Prodigals cannot see the Dreaming or the chimera that inhabit the mortal world. They cannot see the Changeling’s fae mien, nor can they see Glamour. It’s a boring, mundane world for them.

But sometimes, the Changelings can bring mortals or Prodigals into their world. They can even pull them into the Dreaming, as long as they Enchant them.

To Enchant a mortal or a Prodigal, the Changeling must infuse a token (a trinket, food, or drink) with his or her own Glamour, and the mortal must accept it, then carry it around or eat/drink it. For each point of Glamour infused, the mortal is Enchanted for one day. Other Prodigals are affected for longer, according to the table below:

Awakened Being Days per Glamour spent
Garou or Fera 3
Mage, Marauder 5
Mage, Nephandus 3
Mage, Technocrat or Virtual Adept 5
Mage, Tradition 2
Vampire, Kiasyd 5
Vampire, Malkavian 3

For other character types not listed above (such as Immortals, Kinfolk, Kinain, or Fallen), the ratio remains the same of 1 Glamour per day Enchanted.

There is one more method of Enchantment, called the Dolorous Blow and the Enchanted Stroke. This is usually done by Unseelie who kill their victims after a Ravaging. The Changeling spends a Glamour and Willpower point to use a chimerical weapon, strike someone, and Enchant the victim upon a hit. The weapon seems to appear from out of nowhere for one turn, then it disappears again and is taken from their sight. The Mists quickly cloud the mortal’s memories, and if the mortal is still alive, their minds will remember the object as the most rational substitute they can conceive.

While Enchanted, a person is able to see the chimerical world and be affected by it. This means they are able to take damage from chimerical weapons or hostile chimerical creatures, although they cannot cast cantrips of their own (some Kinain are the exception to this, as some can learn cantrips). The Glamour that has infused their bodies is borrowed; it’s not their own.

If taken inside of the Dreaming through a rath or a trod, they experience the Dreaming as if they were walking around in reality, with all of the wonders and dangers one might expect from the encounter.

Staying in a freehold affects mortals as well. While within a freehold, the duration of the Enchantment is suspended, and they cease to age. They could stay enchanted indefinitely while they’re there, living in the freehold while reality marches on without them.

Once the Enchantment wears off, then the mortal or Prodigal falls unconscious. The Mists come to cloud his or her mind, taking away the memories of what occurred while Enchanted or in the Dreaming. There is no way to escape this, except by having a very low Banality. It’s as if the Dreaming were a semi-sentient entity, and the Mists act as its immune system, protecting itself and hiding from the mortal world.

Once the Mist’s cloud the mortal’s mind, it could seem as though years have passed in a single day. See the Mists page for more information on the Mists and how much memory gets wiped.


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