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Welcome and all that crap.

This is where I will throw in links to all of the info pages about the world in which Our Heroes and Heroines have found themselves.

Story So Far — Start here. This page will give the general run-down of important events that have happened in Annarbour Barony. Unless your character is a brand-new Changeling who’s just transformed (emerged from his Chrysalis, in Changeling parlance) or has just arrived in town, he or she is likely to know this information.

Timeline — Rather than post adventure logs, this page will keep track of recent events to take note of.

Laws of the Land — A brief overlook of life in Annarbour Barony, including a run-down of the Escheat, the local laws, taxes, tithes, and what happens if you get in trouble. Also, an overview of medieval feudalism and the Parliament of Dreams.

Character Guides

Character Creation — If you have no idea what you’re doing, read this. This will give you a brief run-down of character creation, what’s available to you, and how to build a solid but basic Changeling for the campaign.

Boggan — Hardworking, humble, dependable, and industrious, the Boggan are creatures of hospitalty and the hearth.

Pooka — Incorrigible tricksters one and all, the Pooka share a special bond with a chosen animal. Their pranks range from hilarious and harmless to deadly and frightening.

Sidhe — Ethereal, beautiful, and awe-inspiring, the Sidhe are the nobility of the Changeling world, living and breathing courtly intrigue.

Places of Importance

Eerie Strait — Known to the mortals as Detroit, Michigan, the Barony of Eerie Strait was once alive and thriving with Glamour and inspiration. It has since grown very, very dark.

River Harbor Freehold — Freeholds are often the strongholds and the homes of a Changeling community, where they can find rest and refuge from the oppressive Banality of the real world and escape the snickering and criticism of mortals. This particular freehold is held by the local Baron, Aitur ap Gwydion, located in Annarbour Barony (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and is maintained by his court and vassals.

State of Michigan — The Changeling’s world is divided into baronies, counties, duchies, and kingdoms. This page gives details on how it’s all broken down.

Sweets ‘n Shots — Lishi’s coffee shop in Annarbour that caters to both Changeling and mortal with trendy, tasty cupcakes and drinks.

Triune Bridge Freehold — Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan (and known as Wood Grove Barony to Changelings), this freehold stands as a border zone between Annarbour Barony’s River Harbour Freehold and the rising darkness of Eerie Strait (Detroit).

Rules of Reality

Banality and Bedlam — In short, Banality is that universal force that kills imagination and dreams. It is responsibility, disbelief, drudgery, work and putting the real world before fantasy. When a Changeling gets enough of it, he loses his faerie side until he dies. Bedlam, on the other hand, is a state of being where a Changeling can’t distinguish fantasy from reality anymore, and even the chimerical world is not what other Changelings see. It’s madness, brought about by too much time spent in the Dreaming.

Bunks — Cantrips require a spark before the Dreaming lets them come into being. You could just pay extra Glamour, or you can perform a Bunk and add a little spice to your role-play. This page has lists of example Bunks for each Art.

Cantrips — This page will detail what cantrips are and how to use them, step by step. In short, this is Changeling magic.

Combat — War! Hunh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! But here are the rules for it. Until Changeling: 20th Anniversary Edition comes out, these rules are a mish-mash between Werewolf: 20th edition and Changeling 2nd edition.

Crossover Rules — Changeling is a game that is pretty open to crossover with other spheres of play in the World of Darkness, especially the Garou and Fera. Here are some rules for play, both from the books and House Ruled.

Death — Hopefully it happens later rather than sooner, but in the event it does happen, here’s what you can expect.

The Dreaming — A realm separated from Earth, composed entirely of Glamour, that is an entity unlike any other. It is made of pure imagination and dreams, straight out of the heads and hearts of mortals.

Enchantment — Want to freak out some mortals or some Prodigals? You can make them see chimera and your fae self by Enchanting them. Rules and such are found here.

Enemies — Yes, they are out there. No, they are not nice. Yes, they want to eat your face. On this page you’ll find lists and some descriptions of the most common enemies.

Glamour — This is the living force of the Dreaming, the name that the Changelings give their power and the source of their magic. It sustains them and supports them, and it is found throughout the world and within mortals. On this page you’ll find rules for regaining Glamour, spending it, Calling upon the Wyrd, and working with Chimera.

Healing Times — Information about damage, healing times, and how the Dreaming affects injuries.

Mists — The Mists are the Dreaming’s main defense. This is the supernatural force of forgetfulness that clouds the minds of mortals, causing them to forget they’ve seen anything related to the Dreaming. The Mists also have a tendency to affect Changelings, especially if they’ve taken in too much Banality.

Oaths — Oaths have power and are promises infused with Glamour. To break an oath is a terrible thing in Kithain society, a crime which the Dreaming itself immediately punishes. Oathbreakers are reviled as the worst sorts, even by the Unseelie.

Types of Changelings — Kithain and Thallain and Dauntain, oh my! This page gives a run-down on the different types of Changelings you might encounter during the campaign.

XP Chart — Kind of self-explanatory, this.

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