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  • Sir Gawain ap Fiona

    [[File:515384 | class=media-item-align-left | 150x200px | Bartek-Borowiec.jpg]]A young Knight who hails from a freehold in southern Louisiana, he came to Michigan with a lady Knight named Amelie ni Scathach. Together, they've been traveling awhile, …

  • Taliesin ap Fiona

    Gabriel emerged in his late teens, having spent most of his life with a well off family in London learning to navigate a freehold and one as large the Court of Pendragon was overwhelming. He was Sidhe, that much was known, but who he was remained a …

  • Sir Varick ap Gwydion

    He rode into town as a part of Baron Aitur's retinue, having pledged his service and his fealty to the House of Gwydion. At some point in his past, the sidhe were so impressed with his nobility and his service that they honoured him with knighthood …

  • Sir Glen ap Leanhaun

    He doesn't often speak, but when he does, he's a man of few words that hold a slow, sweet Southern drawl and bone-deep bitterness. [[File:599029 | class=media-item-align-center | 240x240px | CcgNjwIUUAMbwoS.jpg]]

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