A Bunk is a price that Glamour exacts for its power. When casting cantrips, the changeling has to coax the Glamour to do what he wants. While a changeling could just spend some of his own Glamour, most appease Glamour by performing a Bunk.

Bunks are actions that the changeling performs that actually activates the Glamour. Often, it’s an act of creation or whimsy — singing a song, doing a little dance, saying rhymes backwards or the like — but it can also be an act of destruction — drawing blood, setting something on fire, or crushing a plant.

Bunks should always be thematically tied to their Arts in some ways. For example, a sidhe noble should never attempt to cast a Sovereign cantrip by employing a Bunk as silly as hopping around like a bunny rabbit while singing about Peter Cottontail. A Sovereign Bunk should be regal and elegant, stirring one’s imagination with dreams of nobility and power.

See the Cantrips page for information about Bunk levels and crunchy mechanics. This page is going to be strictly fluff-only. And now, without further ado, a list of suggested Bunks for each Art. Keep in mind that Bunks are meant to show off your creativity. So feel free to think up your own.


Most of the Bunks associated with this Art of desire should involve romantic touches of some sort.

  • Level One: Giving the subject a rose, giving the subject a kiss, giving a pleasing gift of some sort (fruit, jewelry, other trinkets), sprinkle perfume.
  • Level Two: Reciting a love poem, singing a love song, pull off the petals of a flower while reciting loves me, loves me not.
  • Level Three: Preparing a meal for the subject, weave a flower crown and give it to the subject.
  • Level Four: Compose a love song or love poem for the subject, preparing a potion or a perfume.
  • Level Five: Painting a portrait of the subject, crafting a trinket or piece of jewelry.


Bunks for this Art should include spoken words or phrases, silly actions, pranks or general tom-foolery. Darker Bunks of the Arts, such as the Unseelie might employ, include vicious, more violent pranks.

  • Level One: Speak backwards for a turn, tell a lie, recite bad poetry, sing a verse of a song backwards, make up gibberish words, fashion an elaborate knot out of rope or twine, cover your eyes, swear loudly, make strange noises (related to the Realm being used).
  • Level Two: Insult your subject, whistle tunelessly, quote passages from comedic and appropriate literature or a movie, intone a chant, shout out your true feelings.
  • Level Three: Give a scathing toast about your subject, sing a full song, compose a limerick about the subject, set up and execute a prank, make and wear a mask that symbolizes what intentions you have.
  • Level Four: Recite a paragraph or full poem from a comedy or tragedy appropriate to the emotion desired, make up curse words in a new language, sing a song describing your intentions, start an argument between two people.
  • Level Five: Compose and recite your own epic poem about the subject, craft a doll that looks like the subject and play with it, write a scary story about the subject and tell it.


The bunk must in some way involve time or representations of time. The requirements for these Bunks are dictated by how much time must be taken to enact the Bunk rather than by a specific action.

  • Level One: One second.
  • Level Two: 10 seconds.
  • Level Three: One minute.
  • Level Four: 10 minutes.
  • Level Five: One hour.


The Bunks for this Art generally involve the creation of a model of the subject of the cantrip. This could be anything from making a quick sketch to creating a sculpture from clay or sand.

  • Level One: A vague outline, no details required. Draw a stick figure, make a figure out of mud, make a figure out of sticks.
  • Level Two: Some details, some of which must be accurate. Make a voodoo doll, wear a costume to represent the subject, make a model from glass.
  • Level Three: A clear image, which should be identifiable. Draw a portrait, make a sculpture from clay, make a wood carving.
  • Level Four: A detailed representation, with accurate details. Full color painting, create an ice sculpture, or make a carving in crystal.
  • Level Five: A finely-detailed re-creation, and all details must be accurate. Create a masterpiece painting, make a detailed model of your subject.


These Bunks require that the changeling perform some action or movement, generally silly or superfluous.

  • Level One: A subtle physical motion. Curtsy or bow, pull your earlobe three times, cross your eyes, sweep your hands about, or mimic with your fingers what you’re trying to do.
  • Level Two: A noticeable physical action. Drink a liter of soda without stopping for breath, leap as high as you can and touch the ceiling or a tree branch, give a moose salute, pull off some quick sleight-of-hand like pulling a coin from someone’s ear.
  • Level Three: A blatant physical action. Assume a full lotus position, roll around on the ground and giggle, raise your arms to the sky and shout, dance a little jig.
  • Level Four: A complex physical action. Write a short poem in calligraphy, perform a more complex magic trick like pulling knotted handkerchiefs out of your sleeve, stand on your head, turn cartwheels.
  • Level Five: A highly complex physical action. Make an origami figure of your subject, juggle three items and add a fourth without dropping it, catch a fly with chopsticks.


Requires the attainment and use of a natural element. For higher level Bunks, the natural object must be crafted in some manner.

  • Level One: Common element. Listen to a seashell. Shower your subject with flower petals. Imitate a bird call.
  • Level Two: Uncommon element. Sprinkle your subject with fresh spring water, eat a cake made with many spices, lick a jewel and press it to your target.
  • Level Three: Rare element. Shower your target in four-leafed-clovers, burn mushrooms,
    pour curdled milk into a bowl.
  • Level Four: Uncommon crafted element. Strike your subject with a whip with a holly bough crafted at the end, cut your wrist with a fingernail; drip the blood on your subject, break a solid oak branch with your bare hands.
  • Level Five: Rare crafted element. Massage someone with scented oils, bite the head off a small animal, tightly grasp a rod covered in thorns.


Requires the use of divination items or at higher levels the actual performance of divination. Just about anything will fly here.

  • Level One: Requires a minor divination object. Carefully tear a four-leafed clover into four separate pieces, gaze into a quartz crystal or bowl of clear water, roll a pair of dice.
  • Level Two: Requires a major divination object. Hold a lock of your subject’s hair, shuffle a deck of Tarot cards for a couple of turns, rattle a bag of runes.
  • Level Three: Perform a simple divination. Scatter runes on the ground and read them, stare into the shards of a broken mirror, lay out a 10-card Tarot spread, drink a cup of tea and read the leaves.
  • Level Four: Perform a complex divination. Perform an I Ching reading, burn a bag filled with chicken bones, beads and beans, sprinkle blood onto the sand and read the pattern.
  • Level Five: Perform an extended divination. Perform a crystal divination, chew the wax of a candle burned for seven days, create a voodoo doll of your subject, sacrifice a bird and lay out the intestines.


Requires that one conducts herself in the manner of royalty or adorns herself in royal garments. Sovereign Bunks should always, always be regal and dignified, never silly or foolish.

  • Level One: A simple word or gesture. Speak with an affected accent (English is best! haha!), put on a pair of spotless white gloves, salute your subject.
  • Level Two: Make a commanding statement. Break a glass of wine upon the ground, issue an order, gesture with an ornate rod in your hand.
  • Level Three: Adorn a garment. Touch a jeweled necklace crafted by a friend, apply intricate make-up to your face, draw a rune upon the ground, don the crown of your station, announce yourself and recite your genealogy.
  • Level Four: Issue a proclamation. Stand upon a chair and recite Shakespeare, sweep someone off their feet into a long passionate kiss, tell a story with a moral, formally try and sentence someone.
  • Level Five: Make an oath or vow. Henceforth call the subject by a new name, swear loyalty to your subject, make an oath to kill your subject.


These Bunks require that the changeling physically move her body in some manner — anything from a simple jump to leaping and spinning in the air and landing on her head. At higher levels these Bunks require a prop of some sort.

  • Level One: A simple, quick movement. Jump in the air, point at the place you want to be, stare up at the sky.
  • Level Two: A movement which involves multiple actions / a simple one that involves a prop. Eat three glazed doughnuts at the same time, flap your arms like a giant bird, eat a butterfly.
  • Level Three: An action which causes you to move from your current location. Play a quick game of hopscotch, do a little dance, run around in circles, turn a cartwheel, run around pretending to be an airplane or race car (don’t forget the vroom vroom noises).
  • Level Four: An action involving great physical force. Jump off a three-story building, trace a route on a map in blood, make a pile of sand in your hand and blow it off.
  • Level Five: An action involving a prop of some sort. Thrust a blade into the floor, watch the shadow of a fixed object shift location, draw a face on an egg and then break the egg.


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