Character Creation

So you want to make a faerie. Good for you! Follow this general guide for a how-to on it. Presumably you know how to work the commands in chargen well enough to get through it. If you don’t, just page Raven and ask for help.

The Information

  • Kith: Your Kith are your family, the group of Changelings to which you belong. There are nine standard types based on European lore, like the Boggan, Pooka, and the Sidhe. A lot more than nine exist out there, but at this point, if you’re needing this guide, I’d say stay away from them and don’t worry about them. Time enough to play a weird-ass type of Changeling later after learning more.
  • Court: Seelie or Unseelie, if you’re playing one of the Standard Nine. Frankly, you’re probably playing Seelie. They’re the nicer variety of Changelings, who value honour, order, fostering Dreamers and creativity, and generally being benevolent towards people. Unseelie are darker, meaner, crueler, and prefer to force Glamour from their Dreamers in a process that often leaves them wrung out or broken. Although it’s not impossible to flip from one Court to the other (such a thing usually happens after a traumatic or life-changing experience), for commoners, it’s pretty rare. Sidhe, on the other hand… can be a little crazier.
  • Legacies: As has been mentioned before and elsewhere on the wiki, Changeling is a game that embraces dichotomy as a theme. Seelie vs. Unseelie, noble vs. commoner, human vs. faerie, Banality vs. Bedlam. Your Legacies represent two essential components of your character’s psyche. One represents his Unseelie side, and the other represents his Seelie side. If you’re playing a Seelie, then his Seelie Legacy will be dominant and will heavily impact his character’s behaviour. The secondary Legacy can be as subtle or as blatant an influence as you like, but it should not override the primary Legacy. There are lists of Legacies! You can find them at +explain/list legacies/court=seelie and +explain/list legacies/court=unseelie
  • Seeming: This is just a fancy-pants way of choosing whether you’re a Child, Wild Adult, or Responsible Adult. Childlings, being young and innocent, have the least amount of Banality, the most Glamour, and the least Willpower to start. These characters are usually no older than thirteen or so. Wilders are in the middle, having left the simplicity of childhood behind to strike out on adventures of their own. They’re a little bit more jaded, better able to take care of themselves, but aren’t fully burdened. They’re the most likely to go out on wild adventures, seeking fame, fortune, and glory. Wilders range in age from about 13 to 25-ish. Grumps are the elders of the Changeling world. Older than 25, burdened with responsibility, they have the most Banality and the most Willpower to start, as well as the least amount of Glamour. Grump characters are more likely to have settled with homes and families, steady jobs, businesses, or whatnot. Their glory days are behind them.

The Stats

  • Attributes: Yeahhhhh, pick what you want here. My only advice is that Sidhe are likely to have high Social Attributes, and Pooka will be pretty heavy on Manipulation and Dexterity. Boggans are probably pretty solid in Stamina and the Social stats.
  • Abilities: Again, you can mainly pick what you want as long as it fits your character. There are two Abilities, however, that you should put at least 1 dot into. These are Kenning and Gremayre. Especially Kenning. Don’t forget that one. It’s a backbone type of Ability that pretty much every Changeling should have, allowing you to sense Glamour and other Changelings. Gremayre gives you an understanding of faerie magic and lore.
  • Backgrounds: I’ve simplified the ever-growing list somewhat. You can get a list of all the backgrounds that are available to you by typing +explain/list backgrounds/mine. If you want a Chimerical Companion or Chimerical Item, be sure to do your homework on it, reference a page in one of the books that you used for inspiration or ripped it off from, and put all that in a cnote. Don’t bother to take Holdings — you aren’t likely to be squatting on top of a secret freehold or glen unless you’ve got a real good reason for it. Same with Trods. If you want to take Titles (which is pretty much a must for a Sidhe), plan to take two dots in that and achieve Knighthood. Any higher than that, and you’re going to be sitting at Baronhood with a freehold of your own to manage, and that just gets messy. Do feel free to take Dreamers, though, but think about how your Changeling is interacting with these NPCs. Put that in a cnote. The rest of the Backgrounds? Yup. Have at.
  • Arts and Realms: There is no real easy way to describe this, so please read the Cantrips page if you don’t understand how the Arts and Realms work together. In short, my best advice is this: Pooka will probably work best with Chicanery, Legerdemain, and Wayfare. They’re solid trickster-types of Arts that don’t go treading into the darker side of Glamour. For Boggans, I’d point towards Wayfare, Primal, and maybe a couple of levels of Infusion or Dream-Craft. Metamorphosis is another good choice for the commoner Kith. Sidhe, meanwhile, will vary rather strongly depending on their character type. Interested in ruling over the rabble? Get some Sovereign. If your Sidhe is more egalitarian in mindset, Primal is a goodie, as are Dream-Craft and Chronos. When it comes to the Realms, just choose what your character is most likely to target with his cantrips. Other Changelings and mortals are most likely, so look towards Fae and Actor, but don’t neglect your other Realms. Scene is great for area affects.
  • Flaws and Merits: Sure, you can have ‘em. They’re a good way to further personalize your character, and you get back up to 7 bonus points if you take some Flaws. If you want ties to the Prodigals (the werewolves, the Mages, etc) then go for it. This campaign shares the same universe as the Chrysalis Corporation and the Sept of the Eighth Sign campaigns, both of which are set in Michigan. We are NOT the same universe as the Mage/Demon campaign in Miami. Also, please don’t try to take any ties to Vampires or Wraiths unless you know enough about Vampire: the Masquerade and Wraith: the What-the-Fuckening in order to talk Raven through it. I haven’t read those source books yet.
  • Freebies: Raising your Glamour trait with freebies costs 3 bonus points per dot, and raising Willpower costs 2 bonus points per dot. I heavily suggest keeping Willpower as the highest score. Too much Glamour, and you start tripping into Bedlam. If Banality starts getting too high, you begin walking down the road to your Undoing. Neither is a pleasant fate.

Backgrounds and Descs and Stuff

Please set them. LOL.

Having a paragraph for your fae mien and one for your mortal mien would be useful in your @desc.

If you’re not sure how to write a good background, go read a character type guide for more personal details regarding your character type. Also read the Story So Far.

The following info is useful for Raven to know: Where did your character come from? How long has he/she been in Ann Arbor? Any enemies in his/her past? Any family? Kinain? Ties to Prodigals (Garou and Mages being most likely)? Allies? What ties to mortal society does your char have?

It will also help you IMMENSELY if you can look at the other characters — both NPC and PC — that are already written up and consider some character ties with them. Having family ties is one of my suggestions, especially if you’re playing the same Kith as some of the other characters. Have a shared past. Perhaps you ran together in an oathcircle for awhile, accomplished a mission, then drifted apart for a bit. Right now, the campaign is shaping up to have two main factions: Baron Aitur’s noble household and Lishi’s officially-disbanded motley of misfit commoners. Which side are you more interested in joining?

Character Creation

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