In short, the Boggans are as close as White Wolf is going to get to a Hobbit. It’s the easiest way to explain this Kith.

Affinity Realm: Actor

Appearance: Boggans are short of stature, with thick, downy hair and a tendency toward plumpness. They often have small, bright eyes, emphasizing their large noses. Their hands are fairly large and callused, with agile fingers and gnarled knuckles. Boggans often have exceptionally thick eyebrows, which frame their eyes and grow wildly. Their skin is tanned, and darkens and wrinkles with age. Their attire is usually simple by Kithain standards.

Lifestyle: A warm hearth, a well-stocked kitchen, a comfortable bed — these are essentials in a boggan home. While some boggans are known for their talent in the kitchen or the parlor, many of them find jobs in professions like construction work and emergency services. Wherever there’s honest work to do, boggans find themselves right at home.

Seemings: Childlings are mischievous and energetic, often learning their trades and attentive to their chores, but quick to play once done. Wilders seek out adventure, and often in their groups, they’ll worry over details like the food and comfort of the party. Grumps prefer to settle into permanent residences where they can focus on support, hospitality, and doing their own thing.

Other Notes:

Boggans are fairly simple folk, as far as the Kithain go. They enjoy hard work and the satisfaction that comes from a job well-done. Among the Kithain, they’re known for their integrity, honesty, and their need to help others. It’s rare to find a Boggan who’ll turn away anyone in genuine need.

Seelie boggans display altruism out of compassion and the goodness of their hearts: Unseelie boggans find themselves drawn to the needy out of opportunistic desires. Regardless of Court, this kith’s philosophy of noble service glorifies helping others. Status
among their kind is measured by the number of people they have “helped.”

There’s another reason why they like to integrate themselves into households. Boggans are also notorious gossips. The secrets they just “happen to overhear” are considered just reward for their hard work. Seelie boggans insist that they gather this information out of simple curiosity. Unseelie tuck their information away to be pulled out on “special occasions.” Whether motivated by altruism or greed, boggans have managed to turn a vice into an art form.

The concept of debt is important to remember when dealing with boggans. Though they consider volunteer service to be the greatest of honors, most would sooner die than be in debt to anyone. Seelie boggans often refuse payment for their services, and may actually be offended by such offers. Unseelie boggans consider forcing others into positions of debt to be a true sign of power. It is dangerous to scheme for wealth, however. The most avaricious Unseelie boggans are referred to as boggarts, and are treated with disdain by other Kithain. A boggan’s fear of indebtedness often keeps him from establishing close ties. Although they will cheerfully work with others, boggans rarely enter into oaths of any kind.

Anyone who thinks a boggan will always be subservient is a fool. Although a boggan devotes himself to the service of others, he always knows his own worth. Even when he is employed by others, a steadfast representative of this kith sees himself as the master of the situation. By rendering service to those in need, boggans gain a sense of nobility that no title or position can equal.


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