Eerie Strait

Detroit1.jpgThe largest city in the state of Michigan used to be a thriving, prosperous place where Glamour flowed freely. Motor City’s been on a slow, steady decline since its peak in the 1950s.

Today, it’s a shadow of what it used to be. The population has dwindled as people flee like rats from a sinking ship. Poverty, drugs, and crime run rampant in the streets. Gangs hold sway. Politicians are corrupt as Hell. The city’s declared bankruptcy, and large swaths of neighbourhoods are abandoned. The only bright spot is that nature is slowly reclaiming what has so long been lost to it.

And that’s just the mortal side of matters.

During its days of prosperity, the Garou held the majority of power. There were several caerns at work in Detroit, held mostly by Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers. Then, in 2008, disaster hit. The caerns in Detroit were the first to fall to the Wyrm, starting with the Sept of Industrial Abandon. Then one by one, the caerns all fell throughout the state, until there was only one left in the Upper Peninsula. A battle was waged for the Sept of the Iron Range in 2013, costing the lives of many Garou, but when it was over, the caern was reborn as the Sept of the Eighth Sign. Only a year later, a caern in Lansing was fought for and recovered, now known as the Sept of Hidden Blessings. To date, the Garou have not been able to recover or reclaim any territory in Detroit.

The freehold fared no better.

The Changelings and the Prodigal Garou in Detroit were reluctant neighbours at best. More frequently, the Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers engaged in petty skirmishes with the court of Changelings, and each faction stood alone against the horrors of the Wyrm or the fomorians. Their lack of unity and cooperation, some might say, contributed heavily to their eventual downfall.

The freehold of Stone and Glass was once located on the Detroit River, watched over by a Seelie Sidhe Baron who had taken control in the early 1970s. The commoner motleys who had once held power there never quite got over their resentment of the accord that had finally been reached, and some historians would argue that this, too, contributed to the lack of unity that eventually led to the freehold’s downfall.

An even greater contributor to its brewing trouble was the fact that even though a Seelie held the freehold, the majority of the city was populated by Unseelie. Detroit was a city of steel, technology, and automobiles, all of which were somewhat horrific to Seelie sensibilities. The Nockers, in particular, found a place here and thrived, both Seelie and Unseelie.

Dark-City1.jpgIn 2008, as the Wyrm was destroying the Garou’s caerns, the fomori marched on the freehold en masse. Their numbers were bolstered by ranks of Thallain and the Shadow Court. The Baron and his family were slaughtered and thrown into the river. In the name of Endless Winter, every Changeling who could be found was killed with cold iron.

No one has been able to go back into Detroit since. The Seelie forces of young Duchess Colette are just not enough to reclaim the city and keep it secure. The Nunnehi still fight for the upper peninsula, requiring her attention. Queen Mary Elizabeth is in similar straits, forced to keep her armies placed elsewhere for the security of her kingdom.

Its reflection in the Dreaming is just as dark and even more violent. Chimerical nightmares of all sorts roam darkened, dystopian streets. The sun never shines, even at high noon, and the skies are choked with black, lung-searing smog. Pale-faced, drone-like constructs of despair and violence walk the streets, waiting for something bright and beautiful to crush.

Triune Bridge Freehold, located in Wood Grove Barony, serves as a buffer zone between Eerie Strait and Annarbour, but time and troubles have taken their toll and it may not be much longer before it also falls to the dark.

So for now, Eerie Strait is an unclaimed war zone. Rumour has it, however, that the Shadow Court holds sway here, bolstered by numbers of Thallain and worse.

Eerie Strait

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