The Mists separate the fae from the mundane, clouding the minds of mortals so that they do not remember their encounters with things faerie. A side effect of Banality, the Mists exemplify the force of human rationality.

Most mortals (and unenchanted supernatural beings) do not remember their encounters with the fae accurately. The Mists are likely to erase much of these memories or at least relegate them to a dreamlike quality. The amount of Banality an individual possesses determines exactly what she remembers.

In short, the Mists are a line of defense for the Dreaming. The Mists protect the Deep Dreaming and Arcadia from mortals. The Mists also cloud the minds of Changelings when it suits the Dreaming, such as when they clouded the minds of the Sidhe to prevent them remembering why they were expelled from Arcadia during the Resurgence.

There is little to nothing that a changeling can do to prevent the Mists from clouding what they want. It is as if the Mists have a will of their own, and they are an inescapable force that will protect the Dreaming.

The chart below may be consulted whenever a changeling or enchanted being is “killed” by chimerical damage, or whenever an unenchanted mortal (or supernatural) witnesses a chimerical effect or chimerical creature. This chart is also used to determine what happens to mundane beings that have been enchanted and are subsequently returned to the mortal world.

Banality Rating Duration of Coma Memory
0 One minute Total Recall: Everything is remembered with crystal clarity.
1 One hour Startling Clarity: The entirety of the encounter is remembered as if it were yesterday.
2 Six hours Hazy Memory: Nearly everything is remembered, though some of the details may be hazy.
3 12 hours Disoriented: The individual is slightly confused and possibly shaken, but is able to recall most of his experiences, though many of the details are vague.
4 One day Uncertainty: The person has a vague memory of what occurred, but is plagued by doubts as to the validity of the experience.
5 Three days Haze: A hazy recollection of the experience is possible, but the individual doubts her own memories. She dismisses the experience as a momentary delusion, unless she has physical proof.
6 One week Flashbacks: The person may experience occasional vivid flashbacks of his experiences, but they otherwise seem like a distant dream.
7 Two weeks Dreamlike Quality: The individual recalls only vague, dreamlike images, and doubts that the experience ever occurred.
8 One month Distant Dream: Something must provoke the memory and even then the experiences are recalled as nothing more than a faded dream.
9 Four months Complete Denial: The character has only faint scraps of dreamlike recollection and completely denies the experience ever occurred.
10 One year Complete Blank: The person remembers absolutely nothing of his experiences with the fae.


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