State of Michigan

In the World of Darkness, the mortals have all their usual countries, states, provinces, counties and cities.

Faeries more or less recognise these boundaries as well, but they’ve divided up their own territories and given them different names.


America is known among the Changelings as Concordia. It is ruled over by High King David Ardry, who lives in Tara-Nar, a great freehold castle set atop the Well of Fire, from which all balefire comes in North America.


Behold this somewhat low-resolution image of Concordia. I’d give you a better image, but I just couldn’t find one. This is all of Concordia, divided up into smaller Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Grass

The Midwest region is called the Kingdom of Grass, and that is where the campaign is located. It is ruled over by Queen Mary Elizabeth of House Dougal, who is regarded as solid, sensible and deliberate by both Sidhe and commoner alike, although she embraces a Traditionalist outlook. This Kingdom encompasses the states of Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Duchy of the Great Lakes

This territory encompasses all of the state of Michigan and a section of eastern Wisconsin. Although technically the Duchy lays claim to the upper peninsula of Michigan, there has been constant contention with the Nunnehi (Native American changelings) for possession and control of it. Great tracts of land in the upper peninsula are pristine, untouched forests. The Nunnehi, currently, are winning the battle and do not treat trespassers kindly.

In the lower peninsula of Michigan, the Kithain hold more power. Eerie Strait (known to mortals as Detroit), however, is little more than a dark war zone where few Changelings dare to tread.

The Duchy is ruled by a young Sidhe Duchess named Colette ni Dougal, kith and distant kin to Queen Mary Elizabeth. Like her cousin, she is a Traditionalist in outlook, and a lot of her attention has been divided between the Nunnehi to the north and the rumoured Shadow Court in Eerie Strait.

Bur Oak County

This county roughly overlays Washtenaw County in Michigan, which encompasses the cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, among others. For now, it is a stable region, drawing a lot of its strength and wealth from Annarbour Barony. But the darkening shadow in the east, just past Ypsilanti, heralds trouble and dark times ahead.

The County is held by a Sidhe named Count Halion ap Eiluned, a Wilder of the Seelie Court who is reputed to have a mercurial temperament and a gift for prophecy and star-gazing. He rules over three principle baronies: the thriving Annarbour Barony, struggling Wood Grove Barony, and the rural Raisin River Barony.

There are smaller baronies in the county, but they are insignificant and rather isolated, rarely offering anything of worth or note.

It’s interesting to note that the county seat, found in the tiny mortal city of Chelsea, Michigan (known among faeries as Clock Tower Village), is of considerably less power and influence than Annarbour Barony. The freehold — Red Glass Freehold — has managed to cling to life but has never known great strength. Its rath is said to be a hidden doorway somewhere around the Welfare Building, but the Count keeps it concealed and closed for much of the year.

Annarbour Barony

This is the main location of the campaign. Located in the heart of Bur Oak county, Annarbour Barony is the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is located in southeastern Michigan, on the Huron River, and it’s noted for its generally liberal outlook, its art, and its entertainment.

River Harbor Freehold is located in the Barony, and it is the home of Baron Aitur ap Gwydion.

Wood Grove Barony

A secondary location for the campaign, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Wood Grove Barony stands as a buffer zone between the richness of Annarbour Barony and the desolation of Eerie Strait.

Triune Bridge Freehold stands at the heart of the Barony, ruled over by Baroness Deirdre ni Ailil. This market freehold has certainly seen better days, and under the guiding hand of its young Baroness, it is struggling just to survive.

Steelwater County

Directly east of Bur Oak County (Washtenaw to the mortals) lies Steelwater County. To the mortals, it’s known as Wayne County, the most populous county in the state of Michigan. Detroit is located here, and for nearly ten years, the surrounding areas have grown destabilized, dark, and dangerous. Only the bravest, craziest or stupidest of individuals willingly go here. There are no freeholds left in the area, and the Barons who once ruled their territories have died or have retreated to safer lands.

Technically, the area is held by Count Ethelred ap Eiluned. Unfortunately, while some Sidhe are noble and are the epitome of grace and leadership, some are a nightmare of incompetence. Ethelred is one of the latter. Some say that the fall of Eerie Strait’s freehold broke the Count, who had been close companions with its late Baron. Some say that he stands close to his Unseelie nature but hides it. Either way, Count Ethelred spends most of his time in Halion’s court, infringing upon his cousin’s good will and hospitality.

Eerie Strait Barony

Known among the mortals as Detroit, Eerie Strait was once a shining beacon of innovation, technology and free-flowing Glamour. Its glory days are long since past. No Baron holds sway here anymore, and even the Prodigals who once held the majority of power are long-gone.

State of Michigan

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