Sweets 'n Shots


Located on Huron street. Near the lighthouse but not in it. It’s as if Lishi, the owner, has tried to create a place that balances Bedlam and Banality as much as humanly possible. Glamour has been laid directly over the shop so that shop and Dream shop reflect each other almost perfectly. Granted, in the real world a giant stuffed bear sits behind the bar to human eyes, but changelings see Lishi’s giant bear bouncer.

Of course, there’s another aspect to this…the location almost literally a representation of being on the outside looking in of the freehold the proprietor so recently lost access to.

All changelings are welcome however, regardless of Court affiliations or political leanings. Lishi treats all with courtesy so long as they don’t cause any trouble or mess with the Dreamers she cultivates there. Those who take the time to talk to her and get to know her will find that she custom creates coffee and cupcakes that are uniquely suited to their own personalities, desires, kiths, and loves. It’s totally possible to just go in and order off a pre-existing menu, but one misses half the experience when one does. She also does provide cakes and other sweets for special occasions like birthday parties and weddings.

Recently she has added a play and toy area for childlings to supplement the more wilder-and-grump oriented games area.

Sweets 'n Shots

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