Triune Bridge Freehold

Type: Market
Rating: 1 (1 points of Glamour can be gained per night from the freehold’s balefire)

Trods: River Harbor Freehold (open), Red Glass Freehold (open — this is the county seat), Eerie Strait Barony (said to be closed, but enemies keep finding their way in anyway)


Known colloquially as the Tridge, the mortals who walk through Ypsilanti pass over a strange sort of bridge without even thinking twice about it. It’s a wooden pedestrian bridge that stretches over the Huron river, beneath the Cross Street bridge, and it connects Riverside Park, Frog Island Park, and Depot Town.

But for those who know where to look and how to walk, they can find the rath that leads to the Triune Bridge freehold, the center of life within Wood Grove Barony.

By walking into the shallows beneath the bridge, there they will find an off-beaten, cobblestone rath that takes them into the Near Dreaming itself. There, the Changelings and Enchanted may walk up a stone staircase to walk the market upon the tri-bridge, where all manner of goods may be bought and sold.

The Triune Bridge freehold has seen better days. Once, when Eerie Strait had not been consumed by darkness, the mortal city of Detroit was alive with creativity and ingenuity. It was never a strong holding ground for the Seelie, but the Unseelie thrived, riding the waves brought about by innovative technology. Nockers found a haven there. As the middle ground between Unseelie Detroit and Seelie Ann Arbor, Wood Grove Barony’s Triune Bridge freehold was bustling and busy. It served as neutral ground, where politics may be discussed, where deals could be made, and where goods both fantastic and strange could be bought and sold freely.

330d4ccc39ab5a285d136062389b4e5e.jpgNow, the freehold is but a shadow of what it once was. Its balefire has been slowly dwindling through the years, much to the distress of the Sidhe who have been its caretakers since their return.

Many of the market stalls have grown dark and derelict. The voices that call out for the attention of passers-by seem more desperate than before.

Silverus_-_Market_Bridge_Stalls.jpgHow long will the Triune Bridge hold out before it goes the way of Eerie Strait?

The Triune Bridge freehold is currently ruled over by Baroness Deirdre ni Ailil. She took it over when her predecessor died under mysterious circumstances, and she has been fighting for its survival ever since. If her methods have been a little bloody and unconventional, well…

Unseelie were made from nightmares, after all.

The freehold is a small townhouse found within the tangled mazes of shops and stalls. Permanent cantrips hide its existence from all but the Baroness and her most trusted (or most enthralled) servants and guards. Those who come to visit and require hospitality are offered one of the many shabby little townhouses instead. She does not do much entertaining, predictably enough.

Triune Bridge Freehold

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