Types of Changelings

So there are all sorts of -ain types of Changelings, and it’s tough to keep them all straight in your head. Hopefully this page helps.


Most Changelings in Michigan are Kithain. They’re your average, normal, run-of-the-mill, descended from European dreams Changelings. They’re the Pooka, Sidhe, Boggans, Nockers, and all that other stuff that gets a lot of detail and attention in the core book. Your character is likely to be one of these, and it’s likely that all the other types of Changelings you’ll meet are just the GM’s NPCs.

Kithain can be either Seelie or Unseelie. They harvest their Glamour from freeholds, glens, Dreamers or dross. They have three Seemings (childling, wilder, and grump), and they are split into nobles (usually Sidhe) and commoners (usually everyone else). There are nine standard types of Kithain that are commonly seen (like the Boggarts, Eshu, etc) and then there are some rarer types out there too (Clurichaun and Piskeys).


Cousins to the Kithain, the Thallain are very, very, very dark reflections of the standard Kithain. Where Kithain can be Unseelie or Seelie, and they have a Legacy for each court, the Thallain are pure Unseelie and have two Unseelie Legacies. They can never, ever be Seelie. Ever.

Thallain are not often seen, have a difficult time adapting to the world of mortals, and they often rely on the Unseelie Kithain (especially Unseelie Kithain in the Shadow Court) to help them get by. Though they have embraced the Changeling Way, they are not human. They are vile and wicked, murderous, sociopathic, and rotten to their cores. They live by their own rules, and they are all too happy to support the Shadow Court’s mission to bring about the Endless Winter.

Some examples of Thallain include Beasties (dark Pooka), Boggarts (dark Boggans), and Bogies (dark Sluagh).


Another type of enemy altogether, the Dauntain are creatures that have already fallen to their own, personal Endless Winter. These Changelings have become consumed by their own Banality, but unlike many other Changelings who have been cursed with the same fate and suffered their Undoing, the Dauntain are destined for something more.

The Dauntain go out to hunt other Changelings and systematically destroy them.

Theory is that the Dauntain (who were once Kithain) were driven insane by their time on the banal world, and in so doing, have been stricken with a Doom that drives them to go out and extinguish any last flickers of Dreaming and wonder from the world.

There are usually two kinds of Dauntain: those who make the conscious decision to embrace what they are, and those who were driven mad by Bedlam and tried to stop the process by becoming overly infused with their own Banality. In both cases, the Dauntain was not Undone because at the same time, they were saturated with Glamour.

Strangely, they still have both a mortal seeming and a fae mien, though there is often little to no difference between them. Sometimes, though, depending on the type of Doom that has befallen the Dauntain, that fae mien can be horrifying to look at.


The last of the -ain sorts of Changelings, the Gallain are defined as Outsiders. They may be different types of Kithain, but they’re not well understood. It’s sort of a catch-all term for anything that isn’t Kithain, really. Different types of Gallain include:

  • Nunnehi — the Changelings of Native North America
  • Inanimae — the ephemeral Changelings of the classical elements
  • Menehune — the Changelings of Native Hawaii
  • Hsien — a strange, weird ass bunch of Changelings from central and western Asia.

There are more out there, and there’s some confusion as to whether or not Selkies, Clurichaun, Piskies, River Hags and the like are actually Gallain instead of Kithain. I’ve listed the aforementioned as Kithain, though, given that their character creation rules fall more closely in line with Kithain than anything else.


Okay, so I lied. This is the last of the -ain bunch, but these aren’t Changelings. Kinain are the mortal families of Changelings who have faerie blood running through their veins. Kinain have the potential to use gifts of their own, and they may have Glamour, but for the most part, they’re as susceptible to the Mists as everyone else.

Types of Changelings

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